10 Great Tutorial and Inspirational Adobe Illustrator Videos for Vector Artists

It’s common knowledge that Adobe Illustrator is the industry leading, premiere software for vector illustration and has been my primary illustration tool for the last 10 years. After cutting my vector teeth on CorelDraw for many years prior, I finally got over my intimidation and took the leap over to Illustrator and never looked back. The transition was made easy with all the great resources the internet had to offer, but as in any aspect of life, we want to keep learning and seeking inspiration to expand what we know and do. I’ve put together a list of 10 videos that I find very useful to vector artists/illustrators looking to get more out of Illustrator than just geometric shapes and patterns and want to expand to another level of vector goodness.

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5 Influential and Inspirational Vector Artists

It is true of all artists that we are never satisfied, always looking for some type of muse or inspiration to light the creative spark that will take us to that next level. People around us can praise our work, but we know deep down we can and want to do more, to push the envelope of what we can achieve.  It is also true that there are creative folks who can influence and inspire us to go to that next level. There are five such vector artists whose work inspires me greatly and pushes me to get better at what I do. Read more